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About Me

I'm just a small town girl in a big city with big dreams, a lot of passion and drive that will get me places!

At 30 some odd years old I've finally decided to light the fire under my rear and follow my dreams - go big, or go home! I'm a simple, yet complicated girl from good ol' Kansas who knows what she wants and nothing will get in my way. My husband, oh my husband - God bless him for putting up with my crazy ideas, projects and schedule! He's one of my number one supporters along with my family and friends.

My company name has deep meaning to me as it comes from my late maternal grandpa's favorite flower (sunflower), his love and passion for hand crafted art, and my paternal grandpa's nickname for me, his "Southern Belle". These two amazing men have not only instilled hard work, dedication, and drive in me, but have also always believed in me. You will see throughout my posts, photos, and processes that my work comes straight from my heart. I started this business after my grandpa passed away in September 2017 to help not only with my healing, but my family’s and many others. My grandpa always made sure to tell me how proud of me he was - which were his last words to me before I left the hospital on his last day. **I hope I'm still making you proud grandpa, I love and miss you!**


I have always been into crafting. I started sewing, cross stitching, crocheting and painting at a very young age. My mom wanted my sister and I to know the "basics" of making things on your own - and I have her (and my grandpa) to thank for my craftiness. I love making something from nothing, which is how the majority of my crafts start. I often get the "what in the world are you going to do with THAT?!", which I follow with a "I guess you're just going to have to find out".

My passion for photography stemmed from a few photography classes years ago in High School, and wanting to start capturing my family's precious moments in time through a camera lens. Years ago I started with a simple digital camera, then a smart phone, to now using a Canon EOS 6D Mark II (thanks to my dad for letting me use his).

As for the web development, I'm not sure what got me going down that path in my early 20's. I think it had something to do with my boss at the time said "if you don't get a college degree you will never go places..." Well, I'd like to think I've gone places and have got where I am in life without having my college degrees. But - I took her words and enrolled into my first program, Bachelors of Science in Information Technology, with a specialization in Web Development. At first I thought, "oh man, I'm not smart or creative enough for this", and then I blew my own mind! I excelled and far exceeded my own expectations. After realizing I actually enjoyed school (yes, I know, I'm crazy!) I decided to get the business side of that world. In 2014 I enrolled in the Masters of Science in Information Technology program with a specialization in Project Management. I use some of the knowledge and skills I learned in my daily job at Textron Aviation, as well as my own personal website and a few side jobs for other businesses.


Contact Me:

Megan Becker

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